Welcome! I am Pablo Argote, Provost Postdoctoral Scholar in the Political Science Department at the University of Southern California. I study comparative political behavior with a regional focus on Latin America.

My doctoral dissertation studies how the internet and social media affects political elites. In other recent projects, I explore the factors explaining the preference for independent candidates, the role of ideology versus issues in electoral preferences, the impact of south-south migration on political attitudes, and the effect of access to the internet on attitudes towards abortion. I use various quantitative methods, including experiments, quasi-experimental designs with observational data, and text analysis, always prioritizing causal identification. My research has been published in Plos One, the European Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics in Latin America, and Nature Partner Journal Vaccines, among others.

Before my PhD at Columbia University, I worked in the Chilean government in a political campaign and completed a Master’s in Public Administration.